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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 13, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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reaction to our show tonight. not just the plane information which has everybody follow me @megyn kelly, see you tomorrow. and this is a fox news alert. it has been six days since the air traffic controllers last heard from the missing malaysian plane. and now they report that the u.s. investigators believe the plane stayed in the air four to five hours after it vanished off the radar screen. now the report also reveals this stunning possibility that the u.s. counter terrorism officials are pursuing the possibility that somebody on the plane may have diverted to an undisclosed location after intentionally turning off the plane's transponders, to divert it. according to one person, catherine herridge has more on the story.
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good to see you again. >> reporter: yes, sure, thank you for having me. >> so what do we have today? that is a huge development in my mind. what do you think? >> reporter: well, we have been able to independently confirm based on our sources that the u.s. investigators have not discounted this idea that the jet flew for several hours after the transponder went dark. and they're taking the available data from the jet including what i would describe as systems or mechanical data and evaluating it in this light. there are three streams of data that the ntsb are looking at. one is transponder data, the other is radar data where the flight would come up as unidentified once the transponder was off. fuel levels, temperature, whether they need new filters or an oil change with the data, this is important because the investigators want to understand whether it did keep pinging long
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after the transponder went silent, sean. >> you know, we have a guest coming up later, oliver mcgee, an expert on this. he worked in the clinton administration. as he said, the boeing triple 7 planes don't just go missing. and the fact it may have been flying for four hours in another direction with the transponder turned off, which mechanically the pilot has to do it himself. it just gets more odd by the day, catherine, no one can figure it out. >> well, the thing that has my attention tonight is when you look at the not at the white house today this decision also by the navy to send the uss kidd to redirect it from the strait of malacca, that is the waterway, to indonesia, that is not something you do on a hunch. because you are taking that destroyer out of the picture for other operations. you only do that when you have credible evidence that the jetliner may have flown in that
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direction. that is a key development because it shows that this information is being assessed in a very serious way. >> what about the latest, the sidney morning herald, a lot of reports are obscure. did you hear anymore about that? >> what i heard from tsa officials tracking the investigation is that a real priority right now is not only looking at the crew but scrubbing the passenger manifest for anyone who may have had training. it is important to look at not only what was held in the cargo space, it has to be screened. but the space -- it is different with different country but i'm
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not clear what malaysia standards are. >> all right, catherine, i know you have been on it 24/7 just about. >> happy to help. and the questions, everyone keeps asking how is it humanly possible that a triple 7 disappears. and my next guest calls it the biggest mystery in years. u.s. deputy secretary of transportation, dr. oliver mcgehee is with us. guys, good to see you, dr. mcgee, i agree it is the most unusual aviation incident in history. planes don't just fall out of the sky. and transponders don't go off by themselves. >> sean, this mystery is missing two things. the plane and patience. this simply -- this is baffling
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to aviation experts. and the consequences are absolutely extraordinary. we've never seen anything like this in aviation security history. i would like to tap into catherine's focus on the system data that is coming in today. that system data is going to look at the range to -- the flight velocity to this aircraft. i guess that is the amount of time when the transponders tapped off. and the time is based on three factors, the lift to drag of the boeing 777. and on the other side, there is the weight ratio. the initial weight and the final weight. and then in between you have this thing called impulse consumption of the fuel inside. so once you multiply all the three factors together that gives you an estimate of time.
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that is why you see "the wall street journal" point to the range. >> talking about four hours of range. certainly the report said it was off course, off course significantly. d.j., you're a pilot, i don't know, have you flown the triple 7? >> i have not flown the triple 7, sean, however, my theory and this is what i shared on a facebook post this morning was that i estimated there was about six hours of fuel based on the route they were going to take that day. and based on that they did a turn maybe, based on altitude, based on four hours, yeah, there is a radius that needs to be discovered. what i also think could have happened if they went out to the indian ocean, it either could have been a controlled ditching. we know that sully did it successful. at night, it would have been quite a challenge. however, if either the pilot or the terrorists wanted it to happen it could have happened. that could have been a possibility at that point or it could have been taken to a
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remote field that we don't even know of in the jungle. >> well, all of it is a possibility. we know the transponder was working and it got turned off. that raises my suspicion level. then it was so off course according to the reports, if they turn out to be true. i agree with your admonition, dr. mcgee, we don't want to jump to conclusions but pilots have to turn off the transponder. the fact that nobody was able to track them it was 90 minutes before they realized the plane was missing from chinese air space, that is somewhat disconcer disconcerting to me. somebody is always monitoring your progress, right? >> absolutely, and more importantly, sean, what you're raising the larger question in systems thinking here. we need good reliable information and data to come in so we can have some reliable knowledge and understanding about aviation safety and security on an international scale. and as long as we leave these
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questions open, this human story unfolds with the grieving families who are really hunting and searching for information about their loved ones. >> let me ask both of you this question. is it true that -- and there was one report somewhat obscure source, so i don't know, literally the engines and some of the equipment on board this airplane, that it actually sends out its own data. and that some of that donata ma have been received about how their functioning is at any given time or moment. is that true about that airplane? >> yes, it is. >> oh, yes -- yeah -- >> wouldn't that pinpoint its location then? >> i don't know if it pinpoints the location. but it could pinpoint then the power usage of the airplane if it was at full power, idle power, things like that. and also i guess you could judge then what altitude it was coming in at based on the set iting, i
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they had an engine that had an eper setting on it. they can use those clues to see what altitude it was flying at also with the route that it went off of. >> i have to tell you, dr. mcgee, i agree, this is the greatest aviation mystery. we need to get to the bottom of it. if something happened on the airplane and we don't find out about it then that means we're vulnerable in the future. that is scary to anybody. we have to get an answer to this, sooner rather than later. guys, thank you, a lot more questions than answers about the missing plane. wild conspiracy theories, we'll tell you what some of them are out there tonight. first we'll examine if the disappearance could in fact, is this terror related? plus, tonight. we heard from the ghost of christmas future this week. which is they're going to lose the senate. so they better change the name of this game. >> you know it is really bad when he concedes the senate to
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the gop. that and much more as we that and much more as we
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and this is a fox news alert, counterterrorism officials are locking into the possibility that somebody on the missing malaysian plane diverted the aircraft and went to an undisclosed location. now, for the latest. david, what do you have? >> reporter: hi, sean, there are two new fresh leads in the search for the missing airlines jet. neither of them came to anything. hopes were raised after china released satellite images, in hopes that was the plane, but a search found nothing. malaysia's transport minister
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said that china has told him the publication of the satellite photos was a mistake and they don't show debris. and "the wall street journal" reported the plane flew on for four hours after its last known location. the report suggested the information sent automatically by the engine to manufacture rolls royce said it could continue for a long time. if true, it could have been over a large area. but the minister denied the claim saying it was quote, inaccurate. and he added that rolls royce and boeing are both helping them with the investigation in kuala lumpur to find the plane. the malaysia airlines went missing on a flight to beijing, the last known location was above the china sea between malaysia and vietnam. the plane's transponder was switched off or disabled and no distress signal was sent. the officials say the plane may have tried to turn back to malaysia. they have been searching for the aircraft to the seas to the west
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of malaysia in case it traveled that far. and there are reports that the search may have even been expanded to the indian ocean. thank you. >> and joining us, a commercial pilot, former new jersey state criminal investigation john lucich is here with us. we have mastered air flight, have we not? >> absolutely. >> we really have. >> this plane has had one incident with fatalities, so a great record with the incredible redundancy with these airplanes. to be turned off it would have been done manually by the pilot. >> whatever you do it would have to be manually unless there as a type of failure. >> type of failure, electrical. but wouldn't redundancy have kicked in? >> absolutely, once we know the facts --
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>> with the track record that goes two decades, one incident, steppeding the runway with three people dying and the other surviving we're supposed to believe that the transponder went off by itself. i don't buy that with the safety record. >> problem is, many people don't know what to believe because there are so many theories floating around out there. let's just take one theory in general, okay? let's assume that again, one of many, this was a 9/11-style attack with a change objective. okay? now remember, 9/11 was more than 12 years ago. could you imagine how sophisticated and more trained these terrorists would be? >> today, frightening. >> to do something r something like that, they take control of the cockpit, get below altitude and fly the aircraft where they need to go for a different objective. >> richard, let's follow up on that. transponder gets turned off. they're going from 35,000 feet, there were reports they went to a lower altitude. you know, one has to wonder, a
10:17 pm
trained pilot is never going to do that especially with clear conditions, very little turbulence that has been reported, right? >> well, they had to gain access to a hardened cockpit before they can force the pilot to lower the altitude. >> wait a minute, one that was compromised according to a report in one of the australian papers, because the pilot on that flight let these young girls on there, right? >> well, it had to be an inside job. there was a lot of movement on the flight because that was the only smoking section, so for staff and the pilots, sometimes they go there to smoke for long haul flights. but look, if the flying did divert. if it did leave the south china sea and cross the straits of malacca, which by the way are one of the busiest if not the most busy shipping channels in the world. it is the oil lifeline for korea and japan. somebody would have seen the plane, and to go looking in the
10:18 pm
sea off the west coast of thailand and berma -- >> you don't continue to fly four or five hours off course where the transponder just happens to be turned off. it is not making any sense, is it if you put those pieces of the puzzle together. >> you're right, there has to be human involvement, even with the transponder, the failure, there are battery backups. secondly if the plane was in distress there are multiple systems for -- you could radio for help and electronically signal for help. there are things that could be done. this is interesting, the four hours of data that is said to be coming out of the rolls royce engine, rolls royce, one of the largest manufacturers in the world. they're denying that. they say the last data they got was about 20 minutes before the plane disappeared. >> all right, guys, thank you for your expertise.
10:19 pm
appreciate it. we'll have lot throughout the hour on the missing plane, including some of the crazy conspiracy theories now fleeting out there on the internet. but coming up next here on "hannity." >> we heard from the ghost of christmas future this week which is they're going to lose the senate. so they better change the name of this game. >> i never thought i would hear those words coming out of chris matthews' mouth. and brian kilmeade, chris hayes, coming up next. stay with us.
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redundanc all right, welcome back to "hannity," the mid-term elections are just around the corner. the democrats' prospects in 2014 are weakening by the day. you know it is bad when one of the most liberal msnbc host himself, has to say this. >> you have to get very tough and probably have a chance of not taking a big loss in the house, but even then, given the turnout you talk about being low this time it is going to be very hard to hold the senate. i think the senate goes we heard from the ghost of christmas future this week, which means they're going to lose the senate. so they will change the name of this game. >> all right, here with
10:24 pm
reaction, brian kilmeade. and fox news political analyst, kirsten powers. that is a pretty big acknowledgment. you're not last -- >> no, i have to find my camera. >> this is a friendly group. >> this is all new to me. trying to learn. >> hanging out in washington now, she left us. here is what is interesting to me. obama carried this district down in florida twice. alex sink carried it in 2010 when she ran for governor. now it is historically more of a republican district. but this became about mend it don't end it, repeal and replace. and it seemed like the message of repeal and replace resonated especially in the final two weeks. >> i think even before the obamacare debacle launch, most
10:25 pm
thought he would lose. then you had the debacle. i think all of us went into it, thinking -- all the things you said are true. it is clearly a loss for democrats that the senate is probably going to go -- >> the libertarians got nearly 5 percentage points. i don't think many of them would go to the democrats in that race. there is a new poll out. mary landrieu trailing by 9% in the polls. they actually found cassidy, 46, a nine-point deficit on those that are going to vote. what is your reaction on that? >> remember, louisiana has this sort of bizarre system where there could be a runoff and that would factor in. she is really in trouble. she tried to defend her votes on
10:26 pm
obamacare, she tried to distance herself at the same time as she is continuing to embrace it. that won't be popular down in louisiana. >> what do you think? >> i think this, it was very ironic, before we came on here it seems like kathleen sebelius is pushing kathleen sebelius, mary landrieu is pushing secretary of state to green light the pipeline. maybe six democratic senators want the pipeline, so who is president obama going to go with? the environmentalists or will he try to save the senate himself? >> i don't disagree there isn't much he can do to save the senate. its all baked in the cake already. not just obamacare, i don't know what you think about this. but even if obamacare had gone really well i think that the senate would still be in play. obama just has a very low approval rating that is not just about obamacare, there are or things going on in the world that people are unhappy about. particularly the economy. >> it is part of a bad 2013.
10:27 pm
obamacare is the main story and one of the main things coming out of florida is that republicans are going to be rest likely to run away from obamacare. you had it in 2012 where it was already a bad issue. not the issue it is now. and before the results you had people saying look, republicans need to ease up on obamacare, they shouldn't push it too hard. that is crazy. >> it has not happened yet. on top of that i thought it was interesting, david axelrod said today they shouldn't run from obamacare, you should defend it. i'm not sure about it, david axelrod is not in the race anymore. he is now a tv commentator. >> and she is saying how democrats should embrace obamacare. by the way, watch this strategy. >> i'm very proud of our house democrats and how they have not only embraced the affordable care act but they helped create it. but how proud they are of it. i think the republicans are
10:28 pm
wasting their time using that as their electoral issue, and they will find that out. >> yeah, good luck listening to that. >> that is completely disconnected from reality. the thing about obamacare, it already was not very popular. and what the debacle of the rollout does, let's pretend it had gone really well and everyone had health insurance. he would have picked up approval and had people who didn't like obamacare. they don't like obamacare. but what the debacle shows is that he is into this message about obama and democrats and the government not running properly. and if the government is not functioning properly and you're the people in power, it is just not going to work out well. not really --. >> he literally said it on the first day he has to restore faith in government.
10:29 pm
it didn't work with the stimulus or "cash for clunkers." this is not working with obamacare. >> you know what is so interesting about your show, sean, usually the music gets louder, we go into break, you reach for the football. >> by the way, how prepared is the guy? look at the pages. this is a man that loves to do my work. >> you have that in the morning, you tied it under your couch. not allowed to have sports equipment -- >> that is what happens. >> it is 10:00 at night. people are drinking at this time of the night. >> we're drink not guiling in t morning, hate to tell you. >> all right, coming up, we'll have more on the great american panel and the conspiracy theories on the missing plane. plus, tonight you don't want to miss this. i go one-on-one with the interview. remember the california dude who was living on food stamps? i might have found him a job. first of all, we always are
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next up, hollywood! ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ book with our app for an additional... $25.00 off your next hotel. all right, welcome back to "hannity," all right, the missing malaysian plane which vanished off radar six days ago is all anybody seems to talk about. take a look. >> it is the mystery of malaysian airline flight 370. >> what really happened to flight 370? six days in, confusion reigns. >> no sign of the debris the chinese say their satellites may have captured images of. >> every day it is something new. >> well, it just deepens the mystery. >> we're almost at a week since it happened. >> it is the mystery of the week and maybe the strangest
10:35 pm
disappearance of its kind that aviation experts have seen. >> and with little answers from authorities about what actually happened, wild conspiracy theories are running rampant. i have heard everything. i'm sure you're are getting the same calls. >> and i can't rule anything out because i know nothing. >> and i got one today. the plane landed in iran. they're painting it now, loading it with nukes and it's coming our way and i can't debunk that, i go to bed, i have one story, i find out that story is dead. >> there are 239 souls on board, a triple 7 just doesn't go missing. >> that is one of the reasons this is such an incredibly compelling story. everybody who read s about it o watching tv, is touched by it. you think of your family, you see the relatives, the
10:36 pm
grief-stricken relatives talking about it. >> if i wanted to google earth, bob beckel's house and i wanted to look down at bob beckel's porch. >> the theory, the theory. >> and bob beckel with friends in a hot tub. smoking a cigar at 7:00 a.m. >> you don't let him go out on the porch. >> seriously, we can google that, are we saying we don't have the ability, no air traffic controller, no satellite image, nothing caught this anywhere? that to me is stunning. >> it is surprising to me the transponders could be turned off. you would think they would have something in the plane that can't be turned off. that you just always know where the plane is. right? i would have just assumed that was done. why would they need to turn it off? >> i think part of your point, you can google earth, this comes on the heels of a year's worth of obsession on the nsa, and part of this has given the impression -- the reporting has
10:37 pm
given the misimpression that government knows everything all the time. and it is just not true that government knows everything all the time. >> but government is taking on a lot of data, no question, data mining but not of american citizens. i want to get the bad guys and don't think it is a wise use of resource. >> this plane didn't disappear between malaysia and aruba, you have conflict storying, we don't know the real story of who is telling the truth and who is being candid. but we were just talking about this. everybody has cell phone, there is an obama phone program in the country. i know you're glad about that. we have the find the phone app. does anyone have a find the phone app that works on this and what would stop them from doing that? >> i agree, for those that don't know if you have an iphone there is an iphone find your phone app so that if you can find it somewhere after you lose it. i have it on my phone because i lose it all the time. all right, all right political
10:38 pm
topic, how have we gotten to this point in the country, i argue an empirecal administration. the president has unilaterally decided not to enforce immigration andilaterally decided to change welfare work requirements and then of course making recess appointments when the senate is not in recess. we now have to tell the president to follow the law, the constitution which he has promised to uphold? >> well, there is a lot of stuff you have said there. the administration feels he is acting within his executive capacity and he has the ability -- we would have to go through each of them. i don't know in each case i think that is true. but i do think in most of them that they seem to be making change changes that are within the bounds of what you're allowed to do. >> on obamacare, he has entirely rewritten the law. the law that we see today that is being enforced and sometimes not being enforced is not
10:39 pm
anything like the law that was actually passed by congress, whether you talk about the tax provisions or the implementation date. he is just unilaterally lifting it, changing the dates. >> just to be clear, i don't think he should be doing it. i have said it before. it is arbitrary, unfair the way it is being applied and some get taken care of and others are sort of left out -- hung out to dry. >> when laws are passed, we have co-equal branches of government. separation of powers and you would think the president has to follow the letter of the law as passed by congress and not have the ability to change all the laws. >> when the u.s. wrote the constitution 400 years ago -- >> we finally passed it 400 years ago. >> thanks, sheila. >> and the pilgrims brought it. >> john smith and polk -- pocahantas.
10:40 pm
>> i am already seeing a clip of you -- >> you can't hurt me with clips anymore. i've been hurt too much. i am just referring to sheila jackson saying let's follow the constitution that is 400 years old. and i googled her, she thought we landed on mars. not the moon. we thought that vietnam was still north and south vietnam snow and brian is in trouble tomorrow morning. you can tune in for whatever happens between now and then. >> i always open with an apology. >> coming up, one-on-one in studio. remember the surfer dude that lives on food stamps, lives on your tax dollars to eat lobster. and then, we'll check in with the winner of the florida 13. coming up, i'm going to see if i can get this surfer dude a job as "hannity" continues. [ male announcer ] if you suffer from a dry mouth
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all right, welcome back to "hannity," my next guest is a california surfer who lives on food stamps, eats lobster and avoids work. he recently caught up with fox's jesse watters about his living situation, let's take a look. >> do you understand why people may not agree with your situation? >> just because my job is cooler than your job and people are a little more jealous. i think the food stamps give me an opportunity to focus on a career. >> you're an able-bodied guy. healthy, you can work.
10:46 pm
do you think you're gaming the system? >> no, why would i be gaming the system? i fit in the qualifications. >> all right, here to explain himself, surfer, jason. how are you doing? >> good, how about yourself? >> you're 29 years old. when is the last time you worked? >> yesterday. >> what did you do? >> i had band practice. >> but you don't get paid for band practice. >> not yet. >> so you're hoping that you become successful in music. which by the way i'm a big believer in that people should follow their dream. >> yes. >> but when is the last time you worked a job that pays you money? >> a year ago. >> a year ago? >> yeah. >> as jesse was pointing out, you're a strong, able bodied guy, what instrument do you play? >> i play guitar and sing. >> so you have enough energy to do that every day, right? >> yeah. >> you get how much from the government every month? >> i get $189 towards cold food.
10:47 pm
>> towards food? >> yeah, like -- no warm food. >> yeah, now, didn't you use -- i know apparently you went to a shop to check out some girls when you were with jesse. did you go in an escalade? >> yeah. >> an escalade gives you labels? >> and you go to a strip club? >> yeah, we went to the strip club. >> on food stamps? >> yes. >> and you don't work for a job that pays you cash, haven't for a year? >> i haven't got paid cash yet, the reason is because we have been in the studio, rat life, my band, and we haven't been able to play any shows until the album is done. >> so for a whole year you cut one album? >> yeah, we were supposed to be done last january, we finished this january. >> so you get 200 in food stamp,
10:48 pm
what other government assistance? >> yeah, i get health care. >> you get health care for free. do you get any other housing assistance. >> yeah. >> where do you live. >> san diego. >> i know you live in san diego. >> where do you live? >> i live in a house with my friend? >> he lets you live for rent free? >> yes. >> is he part of the band? >> he is my lawyer. >> and do you do drugs? >> no. >> never 1234. >> no. >> all right where do you think the money you get for food stamps, who do you think pays that money, your health care? >> government, taxes, us, the people. >> not you, because you're not paying taxes. >> i have paid taxes. >> not in a year. >> okay. >> what was the longest job you ever had in your life that actually paid you money? >> eight years. >> doing? >> renting jet skis.
10:49 pm
>> yeah, all right, so you know what it is like to work, right? >> yeah. >> here is what i didn't understand as i watched this interview with you. i'm thinking there are a lot of people that if you live in california, the federal tax rate is 40%. the state tax is 13.5%. that is 53.5%, then property taxes and sales taxes and sin taxes, so 60 cents out of every person's dollar in california in part is going to you. they're working their fingers to the bone. they're taking their money and just don't seem to care. i don't understand that mind set. >> who says i don't care. >> you do care? >> yeah. >> so you care -- you're thankful. >> you're thankful. >> so you want to thank the people of california. >> i want to thank the united states of america and the situation -- >> and the people that pay the money and pay for your food and pay for your life-style that is kind of care free. >> not paying for my life-style. >> well, they're paying for you to practice music all day. why should a hard working person
10:50 pm
pay any money so that you can practice music? >> yeah -- why, i don't understand how -- >> in other words, they're paying for your health care and food. why should any american that is working hard have to pay so >> rules of america have you to pay taxes >> yes. everybody plays by the rules you're taking their money. >> getting in line for a system set up in america >> why don't you go to work during the day? >> that is my work. >> no it's not a job that pays it's a nice excuse to hang out. why don't you work at in and out burger if you have to? in a junkyard? cut a lawn? do landscape something >> why don't you? >> i work two jobs all i do is work and take care of my family. >> hey. >> do you know what i did before this job? what is that? >> let's see. i washed dishes
10:51 pm
i was a cook. i was a bus boy. a bartender, waiter. i was, i used to do framing. i painted houses, hung wall paper, did roofing fell off a roof busted my arm in half. and busted most of my teeth up i did all of those jobs. do you think i walked on to the set? >> okay. what do you want? >> i want to you work. and realize you're taking other peoples' money and living a selfish life. how about if i get you a job? >> i have a job. i work hard. i grind every day. >> how about i get you a job that pays you money so you don't have to live off generosity of the american taxpayer? >> i don't feel like you're listening to anything i'm saying. >> you want to be an artist, man you want to hang out your job is playing music i got it, dude.
10:52 pm
you're an able bodied guy. you can go to work but you like your life style playing music. if i had my way, i won't work either. why don't you care for the people that pay for your surfer life style? why don't you care about them? that is taking money from their kids, their time to persue their dreams. don't you care about that? >> taking money away from them? for their dreams? so they can have dreams and i can't have dreams? i don't understand. >> no. you work a job. get money in the pocket get your own place, spare time, you persue your dream. . >> i just signed a contract the label won't let our band play until the album is done. >> okay. this has gone on for a year. taxpayers are subsidizing. when you make millions are you going to pay taxpayers back. >> if i can get you $80,000 a
10:53 pm
year driving a truck in north dakota would you take it? >> no. >> nothing left to say. >> nothing left to say. coming up, latest on the missing these amazing daily specials. saturday only, this new bass pro folding processing table is under $70. and save $60 on shimano curado g series baitcast reels. [ mawhile a body in motionat resnds to stay in motion.t... staying active can ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, this can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain and improve daily physical function so moving is easier.
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they'll find some financial folks who will talk to them about preparing early for retirement and be able to focus on other things, like each other, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. this is a fox news alert. "wall street journal" reporting u.s. investigators believe the missing malaysian airlines plane remained in the air 4 to 5 hours after it vanished off the radar screen. joining me now is catherine heritage. >> fox news confirming u.s. investigators have not fully discounted the possibility the jet flew for hours and data is being evaluated in that light. asked about the possibility today, white house spokesman suggested it was under serious consideration >> my understanding is based on
10:58 pm
new information, an additional search area may be opened in the indian ocean. we're consulting about appropriate assets to deploy. >> malaysian authorities were quick to try to dismiss the report in the "wall street journal" that u.s. investigators believe the jet was diverted with the attention of using it later for another purpose. >> whenever there are new details they must be corroborated. today's reports going about the later. as far as boeing are concerned the reports are inaccurate >> the mallashin authorities dismiss likelihood these photos first posted last night show wreckage from the flight claiming their own surveillance aircraft were dispatched to the area. >> on the chinese satellite
10:59 pm
imagery a surveillance plane was dispatched this morning to investigate potential debris shown on chinese satellite images we deployed and found nothing. we are contacting the chinese embassy who notified us this afternoon images were released by the state and did not show any debris from mh 370. >> navy officials confirm uss kidd is being redirected to search for the jet. a former intelligence official emphasizing to fox you don't take a destroyer out of the mix and send it on a hunch, that there must be some evidence to support this decision, sean. >> thank you. we're going to have david jolly on the program tonight, we're going to have him tomorrow night. that is all the time we have left this evening. before we go, we want you here every night. so you can set your dvr, record
11:00 pm
"hannity" the series here on fox. start your friends with fox and friends each weekday morning 5:00 to 9:00.ddddddddd and unafraid. here is greta. >> this is fox news alert. we are following very closely a massive history. six days and still no trace of malaysia airlines flight 370 with 23 souls on board. and right now a massive search continues 10 countries including the united states, china, vietnam, and australia. and that's not all. the search includes at least 56 ships. 36 wing aircraft and 10 helicopters and even today u.s. navy officials confirming the uss kid is on its way to the indian ocean to help in the search. taiwanese vessels are expected to arrive there between now and friday. the search area is growing after new reports the plane may have flown


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